Monday, 6 December 2010

Alexa Chung In Elle

Alexa Chung on Elle

Love the rock chick styles

Last months Elle, I only bought because Alexa Chung was on the front. She's a style icon.I LOVE. She has such an effortless style, I wish I were her, and she is beautiful. She says in the interview she wants to start a label (yay!) and that she would do it properly by learning the ins and outs of patterns, which makes me like her even more. Shows she has passion for it.
I found a few wicked rock chick styles in there too, I love the the effortless rock thing going on . x


  1. i also ADORE Alexa Chung' shes such an inspiration :)
    following you doll xx

  2. Tell me about it kill to have her wardrobe
    thankyou! following you too x

  3. I think im actually in love with her.
    Helen, X